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Prof Umar A. Danbatta

In broad terms, the Academic Planning unit is mandated to generate planning awareness and steer the University into a systematic planning process and coordinate all planning activities in the University including coordination of resource mobilization efforts. The unit is to provide guidance to all the departments and faculties in all planning matters. These includes project development, implementation monitoring and evaluation, academic programmes planning, especially the assessment of economic recurrent implications of all new programmes as well as existing programmes, thereby appraising them for determining their viability, determination of optimal establishments for effective teaching and guiding the process of market analysis among others. Academic planning also involves initiation of mechanisms for enhancing internal and external efficiencies of the University.

Mandate of the Academic Planning Unit

  1. Monitoring and advising on the growth of department and establishment of positions in various units of the University and advise the Director, DAPM on the creation of new positions
  2. Promotion of the quality of teaching, learning and research in the university through periodic evaluation of academic activities in the University
  3. Liaise with Director, DAPM on matters relating to academic planning and quality assurance including the University System Annual Review Meetings (USARM), system-wide programme audit, and other academic matters that may be of interest and benefit to the University.
  4. Guide academic and related units of the University on the operations of the Academic Brief and participate in the review of the academic Brief and general curriculum development, as at when due
  5. Coordinate and ensure the provision of conductive teaching, learning and research environment in the University
  6. Process proposals for the creation of new Departments and introduction of new programmes
  7. Generate and periodically update the University databank/statistics on academic and other matters and make necessary projections for the attention of the Director, DAPM
  8. Monitor the efficient and effective utilization of academic resources
  9. Recommend desirable changes in the academic and administrative structures of the University to the Development Committee
  10. Generate policies for and identify priorities in the academic development of the University for the consideration of senate through the development committee
  11. Set up audit teams, periodically, to evaluate teaching and research activities of Departments and Faculties
  12. Carry out all other duties assigned by the Director, DAPM
  13. Facilitate curriculum development/review processes.


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