1. Provision of leadership for the academic planning processes and the preparation and revision of University academic brief.
  2. Develop definitions and criteria for use in academic planning processes and resource management, and updating or adjusting plans to fiscal realities.
  3. Co-ordination of academic, research and outreach programmes of the University.
  4. Revisioning and analyzing existing and proposed teaching and outreach programmes; research projects, and External Examiners Reports in connection with the physical, administrative and budgetary requirements.
  5. Ensuring the maintenance of high standards in all the University’s programmes of study through periodic curricular review and revision.
  6. Maintaining a data base (staff statistics, student enrolment and graduation statistics, staff and student work load, external linkages, other resources-equipment, supplies, etc) for use in physical and academic planning, budgeting, and other management requirements.
  7. Participating in the preparation of University Quinquennial Development Plans, Annual budget and other special reports, e.g. Management Analysis; Research Findings.
  8. Initiating academic and research linkages and technical cooperation between Departments in the University; with other Universities; Governments and their agencies; International organizations; industries, and other bodies.
  9. Assisting in identifying major teaching and research needs of Departments including equipment procurement and maintenance, and alternative sources of revenue generation.
  10. Developing an effective system for attracting financial and other support for the academic programmes of the University.
  11. Highlighting and protecting individual and group research achievements through seeking patents and nominations for various national and international exhibitions and awards.
  12. Promoting utilization of the University’s vast research results by government, industry and others.



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