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Professor A. Y. Idris

—To drive the vision and mission of ABU, a Q.A. Unit could be established to coordinate the application of quality measures in the university for: Ensuring relevance, Ensuring quality of teaching and learning,  Strengthening research and Internationalising the university

Mandate of the Quality Assurance Unit

  1. Monitoring the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students enrolment in relation to staff strength
  2. Coordinate and ensure compliance of academic and other units of the university with NUC guidelines on academic and other matters
  3. Monitor academic programmes of the University in terms of their objectives, assessment practices and availability of human and material resources
  4. Monitor all processes and resources that directly or indirectly influence the teaching, learning and research environment.
  5. Monitor and ensure compliance to academic brief, staff student ratio, quality and mix, teaching and research quality.
  6. Keep all stakeholders (staff and students) well informed of evaluation results and recommendations
  7. Participate in the review of academic programme curricular of the University and evaluation of proposal for new academic programmes
  8. Conduct annual evaluation of the University’s Strategic Plan
  9. Maintain a computer based data bank on student and staff statistics for use in planning budgeting land other management requirements
  10. Develop a blueprint for the systemic development of the University
  11. Bring up relevant statistical data for determining trends and patterns
  12. Organise seminars and workshops on quality assurance issues
  13. Development of a quality assurance policy for the University
  14. Preparation of checklists of procedures for performance evaluation
  15. Set up a Quality Assurance Implementation Committee
  16. Develop and update criteria and format for assessing teaching quality and effectiveness through peer group and student review
  17. Analyze past accreditation reports of the University and highlight areas of remediation preparatory for next exercise
  18. Monitor and assess quality, adequacy and currency of facilities and resources in Departments and Colleges
  19. Coordinate and guide academic units/departments for purposes of programme accreditation and continuous quality assurance

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