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Workshop on Electronic Teaching & Learning Platform 2016
Workshop For Academic Staff 2016
How to Access Faculty & Other Charges
How to access Tetfund Research Grants
How to Design, Develop & Review Curriculum
How to Discipline Administratively in ABU
How to Find Common Ground
Journal Verification and Promotion of Academic Staff in ABU 2017
Prescriptive & Analytic Techniques
Pedagogy of sci. @Tertiary Inst. in Nig. by Dr. Binta Abdulkarim
Pedagogy of sci. @Tertiary Inst. in Nig. by Dr. S. S. Obeka
Workshop for Quality Assurance comming soon..........
Workshop on Exam Questions Authoring using TestLead CBT 2016
Workshop on Measurement of Academic Achievement by CBT 2016
CBT Measurement....
Workshop on Electronic Teaching & Learning Platform 2016
One day workshop for Deans, Asst. Deans (UG), Heads of Departments, Faculty and Departmental Examination officers on Examination Management 2nd - Feb., 2017
Review of Course System and GPA in Nigerian Universities: From CGPA over 5 to CGPA over 4 by Dr. A. F. D. Kana
Examinations Management by Dr. Mamman Musa
Examinations Management: Concepts, Laws and Ethicks by Prof. M. S. Abubakar
The Course Credit System and the Abolition of PASS Degree by Prof. P.O. Nkeonye
Issues Related to our Current Examination Management by Prof. M. S. Shehu
Lecture on German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) & other Scholarship Schemes. 2017. DAAD Lecture by Mrs. Hanna Schlingmann, Rep. German Academic Exchange Services
Workshop on Course File, Student Centred Instruction and Out-Come Based Learning Aug. 2018
Principles of Student-Centered Instruction
Effective Instructional Methods for Outcome-Based Teaching/Learning
Quality Assurance & the Course File
Key Requirements in Implementing Outcome-Based Education
Practical Challenges of Outcome-Based Teaching/Learning
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